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From getting Clockwise Cardiff open, to helping it flourish

Katie May was key to the initial stages of the Clockwise Cardiff opening. Read how she not only got the Cardiff building open, but also helped it to grow.


Katie joined Clockwise Cardiff as part of the pre-opening team in March 2020. Initially in the role of community coordinator Katie was promoted to assistant manager six months later, before stepping up to General Manager in later 2021.


She had this to say. “I spent the first six months in the business working from home as I joined a week before the first COVID-19 lockdown and the Clockwise Cardiff space was still under construction. It was a strange time to begin a new job but even with such adversity Clockwise gave me the opportunity to step into a more senior role. I felt so encouraged by their belief in me and really supported by the structured training programme I’ve been provided with.

I learnt so much through a combination of a hands-on role and the Manager in Training programme. It’s great to be able to apply the learning directly into my role in a practical way.”

That said it’s a great comfort knowing there is always somebody there to help when I need it, be it HR or the leadership team. I feel very fortunate to be part of a team that champions each other; I look forward to a long future with Clockwise!”

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