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Moving up the ranks through the manager in training programme and onto a new adventure


We take pride in investing in our people, developing them and setting them up for success; be it on a continuing basis with Clockwise or elsewhere. After moving quickly through the ranks from community assistant to assistant manager, Emily Lovegrove developed her skills through our manager in training program, setting her up to follow her passion and make the move into a new career.


Speaking about the experience, Emily had this to say. “I felt really encouraged by Clockwise, they saw my potential and approached me to join the manager in training programme. I was provided with a really positive learning framework and was supported throughout.

The programme didn’t feel like training that was then forgotten, I could see a future progression and  I knew I was working towards my development; it was a really worthwhile investment of time. When a position became available, I was prepared and ready to take on the challenge of promotion.

The skills I developed during my time with the company gave me confidence to pursue my dream job in the veterinary world and when I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, I knew the team at Clockwise would fully support my decision to move on. My time with Clockwise has been invaluable; I feel honoured to have worked for a company who believe in celebrating their employees; cheering them on in whatever path they choose to follow.”

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