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Clockwise are delighted to have partnered with Insurami; offering members access to a Deposit Guarantee service.

This new partnership allows Clockwise members access to a new way of putting down a deposit. With Insurami, instead of paying a cash deposit, you pay a small monthly fee for a Deposit Guarantee which will last for the duration of your licence.

With pricing starting at just 0.7% per month, Insurami’s service could save you up to 99% of your upfront costs, leaving you with more money to invest in your business.

For example:

  • Instead of paying a £5,000 deposit, you could pay just £35 per month
  • Instead of paying a £10,000 deposit, you could pay just £70 per month
  • Instead of paying a £20,000 deposit, you could pay just £140 per month

Insurami’s Deposit Guarantees are an off-balance sheet expense, meaning that they won’t affect any of your leverage metrics or credit profile.

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If you're thinking about joining Clockwise, visit the application portal to find out how much you could save. Simply provide some standard financial information along with the basic details of your licence (duration, deposit amount, etc.) and a quote will be generated within 24 hours.

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All data is held confidentially and is not shared with any third parties. Pricing is based on an Insurami internal assessment and will depend on your financial circumstances. Using a Deposit Guarantee doesn’t affect your rights or obligations under the licence. You remain responsible for all financial obligations to your landlord. If your landlord makes a valid claim, Insurami will pay them the agreed funds and may seek to recover from you. You can cancel the Deposit Guarantee at any time with no exit fees, provided that Clockwise consents.

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