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Bromley Means Business – Bromley’s thriving business hub

Discover why Bromley is the ideal spot for your business, how Clockwise Bromley can help businesses of all sizes, and what else the area can offer. 


Bromley and its business benefits

Nestled in the southern part of Greater London, Bromley is a vibrant borough that offers great opportunities for businesses in various sectors and sizes. With its advantageous location and a highly skilled workforce, Bromley provides numerous benefits that can contribute to the growth and success of businesses. Let’s explore the advantages of doing business in Bromley, highlighting why this borough is an appealing choice for both budding entrepreneurs and established companies.

Location Location Location

Located in the South East of Greater London, Bromley offers great connections. The borough’s proximity to central London, Canary Wharf, and Gatwick Airport makes it an ideal spot for all types of businesses.

The excellent transport links, including several train stations with routes into central London and Kent ensure that Bromley is easily accessible for employees, clients, and suppliers. As well as being great for day-to-day operations, Bromley’s location also opens up opportunities for expansion and collaboration with other businesses and stakeholders.

A Borough With Business Vision

Bromley Council takes business in the borough seriously and provides a great range of support for everything from start-ups to large established corporations. Its Business Hub has extensive resources and information on conducting business in the area. For instance, you can find information on the new Night Time Enterprise Zone – Bromley has been selected as one of London’s three new zones supported to boost business activity after 6pm, with projects such as improvements to street lighting and a series of evening events helping to boost the evening economy.

The borough also hosts the ABBBAs, a yearly occasion that honours local enterprises and demonstrates the borough’s entrepreneurial culture. It offers an opportunity for businesses to gain acknowledgement and build alliances, contributing to the expansion of the local economy.

Local talent

Bromley boasts a diverse range of qualified professionals across different fields right on the doorstep. The borough is located close to several prominent universities and research institutions, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh talent for your business. 

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Beyond The Desk – Outstanding Culture and Wellbeing Opportunities

Bromley is the largest Greater London borough with over 300,000 residents and provides a desirable lifestyle by combining urban conveniences with ample green spaces. The presence of stunning parks, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions greatly enhances the quality of life for both residents and workers.

Despite being just 20 minutes by train from the hustle and bustle of Central London, Bromley’s 160 beautiful parks and other outdoor facilities make it the greenest Greater London borough, providing plenty of space to take a break from your laptop, fit in a lunchtime run or relax with friends after a long day.

With notable residents – past and present – including H.G. Wells, David Bowie, and Pixie Lott,  Bromley has a thriving cultural scene offering outstanding theatre, film, and music events. Boasting two theatres, a cinema, and a host of live music venues, you can find something for everyone. 

For those looking to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, Bromley provides shopping heaven at The Glades, with over 130 stores from well-known brands to independent retailers. 

Clockwise Bromley

Situated in the stunning Bromley Old Town Hall, Clockwise Bromley offers the perfect modern, flexible workspace in a gorgeous Grade II listed building. Retaining original Art Deco design features whilst providing all the amenities needed for 21st-century business, Clockwise Bromley provides the perfect spot to work, hold meetings and events, and thanks to the boutique hotel on site, stay before or after a long day at your desk. It also has a fantastic restaurant in the building, serving modern British cuisine and great coffee.

Whether you need a dedicated desk, a private office, a meeting room, or simply access to the Club Lounge, we’ve got you covered. Just four minutes’ walk from Bromley North station, you can hop on a train to or from Victoria, with journeys taking just 20 minutes.

As organisations continue to seek out dynamic locations, Bromley stands out as a prime destination that offers a winning combination of business support, cultural opportunities, and quick access to Central London and Kent.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a bold new vision or an established company looking to branch out, Bromley should be top of any list when considering new locations. 

For more information on Clockwise Bromley, our other fantastic locations, or advice on everything from sustainability to wellbeing, check out our Community pages.

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