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Clockwise at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

Discover how Clockwise supports productivity and creativity at the Cheltenham Literature Festival with workshops. 


In a world that often seems to be in a constant state of hustle and bustle, it’s important to take a step back and celebrate the arts and culture that enrich our lives. This year, Clockwise is proud to support the Cheltenham Literature Festival, a landmark cultural event that resonates deeply with our core values. 

Our mission is to create environments where fast-moving businesses can thrive and be at their most productive. We believe that a well-designed workspace can significantly impact an individual’s creativity and efficiency. Likewise, the Cheltenham Literature Festival provides a unique platform for literary enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of words, ideas, and imagination. 

Just as Clockwise aims to cultivate spaces where businesses flourish, the Cheltenham Literature Festival is a haven for the best new voices in fiction and poetry. It’s a place where these emerging talents can showcase their work alongside literary greats and high-profile speakers. This fusion of established and emerging voices mirrors our belief in creating a dynamic and supportive atmosphere where innovation and creativity thrive. 

As proud supporters of “The Success Myth,” a discussion led by Emma Gannon, Elizabeth Uviebinené, and Abigail Bergstrom, we’re excited to be a part of a thought-provoking conversation about the future of work. This discussion delves into our society’s obsession with achievement and how our interpretation of success often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, and lonely. 

In a world where the relentless pursuit of success can sometimes overshadow the importance of well-being and personal fulfilment, this discussion aims to shed light on the need for a balanced approach to work and life. We believe that true success is not just about professional accomplishments but also about personal happiness and well-being. 

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In addition to sponsoring thought-provoking discussions, Clockwise will also be hosting a popup workspace at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We understand that, even in the midst of a literary celebration, some festivalgoers may need to stay connected to their professional lives. Our workspace will be a haven for those who need to dial in or log on, offering a quiet and productive environment. 

But it’s not all about work. Clockwise is committed to promoting a holistic approach to well-being. That’s why within our space, we’ll be hosting a series of workshops. From Suzi Dent, a renowned lexicographer and queen of Countdown’s Dictionary Corner, exploring the words commonly used in the working world, to posture-correcting movements designed to counteract the effects of endless hours spent at a desk, we aim to provide festivalgoers with tools to improve their work-life balance. 

The partnership between Clockwise and the Cheltenham Literature Festival is a testament to our commitment to fostering both productivity and creativity. Just as we design workspaces that empower businesses to thrive, the festival offers an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the world of literature and ideas. 

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