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Exploring Europe’s Most Unique Workspaces

Take a look at the most exciting office spaces in Europe and explore our new European offices in Brussels and The Netherlands.


Offices and status

If where you work says something about you, you want your office to speak your praises. From location to aesthetic, there’s a secret swagger to entering a cool office.  

And, in a time when physical offices are no longer the absolute answer to working environments, it’s time to explore the companies making their workspaces exciting destinations.

Join us on our journey through some of Europe’s coolest offices.

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The undoubted powerhouse of cutting-edge coolness, Berlin is an interesting place to explore from a worker’s perspective. The city regularly appears high up in the ranking for startups, with people voting it second (behind London) in areas such as global connectivity and popularity and first for job creation. It is a melting pot of minds and Germany’s most multicultural city. 

So, when it comes to offices, it’s no surprise there are some iconic spaces.


This converted warehouse is situated a little further outside the city and is classic Berlin style. This open-plan industrial-chic coworking space is application only but has become a popular hub for creative companies. Rent a space in their shared studio, desk space in their atelier (with the choice of a noisy or quiet environment for different working needs) or the large and impressive open hall.

Their ethos of inclusivity and community has created a vibrant space for creators to produce interesting, innovative work surrounded by like-minded individuals. And, as forward-thinking offices, they also prioritise women in creative spaces when considering applicants. 

Alongside the standard office benefits, KAOS is a regular for events, be they social parties, creative markets, talks, or showings. 

This is one for the worker who is doing something a little different.

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Across film and television, the prospect of working in Paris is a landmark for professionals. The romantic streets, the laid-back way of life, and the expansive cultural scene are huge draws for living and working in the city. 

There’s more to Paris than just aesthetics, though; it is also an absolute industry powerhouse. Over 30 of CNN Money’s Biggest 500 companies hold their headquarters here. A thriving fintech scene also aims to catapult the city into being a global financial landmark in the coming years. 

With so much promise and status, it makes sense that it would also be home to some incredibly impressive offices.

B.I.G by Pernod-Ricard

It’s fair to say that B.I.G. (Breakthrough Innovation Group) is one of the most visually intriguing offices around. Designed by the wonderfully abstract mind at architectural firm Studio Malka, this office looks like something straight out of an M.C Escher illustration. 

This interior marvel is set on three levels: the think tank, the make tank and the laboratories, all converging onto a central patio. The ultra-chic interiors are punctuated with pops of colour and bold aesthetic choices, alongside a range of functional hidden designs like a three-dimensional mirror system with a fluid rotation that maximises natural light. It is truly an innovative space. 

This building is one of the arms of the world-renowned Pernod Ricard, a French company that is second in the world for wine and spirit exports. Their premium portfolio of over 240 brands can be found in most bars worldwide.

The company was founded with a deep respect for creativity, arts and innovation, and as such, it seems fitting that they call one of Paris’ most unique offices home.

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London is famed for its rich history, vibrant cultural scene and world-class attractions. It’s all part of what makes England’s bustling capital one of the most visited cities in the world. When it comes to working in London, a few things make it unique. First is the size; to newcomers, the city can feel huge because, in reality, it is. London is twice New York’s size and the third largest city in Europe. All this real estate has created a melting pot of cultures and languages, with over 3 million of the 10 million residents being foreign-born. And, like all multicultural cities, there are endless opportunities for innovation and new experiences.

London is also one of the world’s leading financial and business hubs and holds great influence in the global economic landscape. Ranked #6 in the world for the largest economy, many of the biggest companies have a presence in the city, making it a launch pad for careers and a magnet for talent.

When looking at London’s landscape, it’s impressive how many iconic buildings double as workspaces. And with that in mind, it’s time to explore the city’s most famous and impressive offices.

The Shard

72 stories of workspaces, offices, stunning apartments, the occasional restaurant, luxury hotel rooms and more. Western Europe’s tallest building is an impressive place to work. From Sage to Heinz and Matches, every big player in every industry wants a piece of this real estate, and it’s easy to see why.

Designed by the incredible Italian architect Renzo Piano, the office’s most impressive features are, without a doubt, the view, but the interiors aren’t shabby either. There is a distinct modernism from the entrance to the 800ft high observation deck. This clean aesthetic is adapted to the taste of companies who call the landmark home. 

The biggest benefit to making this office space your workplace is the high profile it garners. Holding meetings and doing business in The Shard is an impressive status boost, and everyday work becomes elevated to a cinematic level. 

If you’re looking for a place to live out your Succession fantasy, impress clients and state just how much you mean business, maybe The Shard is your next move.

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Our European coworking havens

In recent years, Clockwise has seen an incredible boom in demand for high-quality coworking space, leading us to venture into mainland Europe with offices in Brussels and The Netherlands. So, last but not least, let’s look at the stunning coworking space we’ve brought to The Hague, Netherlands.

This Grade A building is a prestigious place for any company, freelancer or startup to work from. The curated aesthetic of comfort and style was created in partnership with M Moser Associates. Their design mixes warmth with modernity and functionality with artistic flair. This spacious office is fully accessible, airconditioned, highly secured, and open 24/7 for ultimate workplace flexibility. 

A range of spaces is pivotal for happy and productive work, so we designed meeting rooms, private workspaces, breakout areas and shared desk spaces. We also ensured the office was pet friendly because no matter how fancy the office, nothing compares to the potential of a furry co-worker.

In the Spring of 2024 we’ll also be bringing the high-quality workspace solution known and loved across the UK to Bremen. Bremen is a bustling German city set on the River Wesser and our central Clockwise location is set to level up the coworking spaces available to residents and visitors alike.

Explore one of our newest European coworking spaces, the Brussels office, or our amazing offices around the U.K. for yourself, or get in touch to learn more. 

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