Four benefits to having a flexible workspace in both the UK & EU – landscape Four benefits to having a flexible workspace in both the UK & EU – landscape Four benefits to having a flexible workspace in both the UK & EU – landscape
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Four benefits to having a flexible workspace in both the UK & EU

Find out how utilising flexible office solutions in the UK and the EU can benefit your business.


It’s been all change for the UK workforce over the last couple of years, thanks to Brexit and globally, because of the pandemic.

The UK’s official separation from the EU doesn’t have to be the end of your dreams for European expansion or continued presence- by making use of flexible office solutions on offer, it could just be easier than ever before.

One of the primary reasons behind our decision to open a building in Brussels, the first of many planned for the European mainland, was to provide flexible workspace options for businesses already based in Belgium but also those who are looking for multi-site offices in the UK and a foothold in the EU.  And why not?

The benefits are just as numerous as they were pre-Brexit.

Read on to discover four reasons why having a business presence with branch offices in both the UK & EU should still be part of the company strategy.

Presence-  Setting up an official business in an EU country can see a deluge of new and confusing legislation and taxes. Alongside this, as a company expands across markets, traditional leases on office spaces with their less-than-flexible contracts and separate utility bills start to make less sense. With the need for an EU presence, this can all start to feel like a catch-22 situation. An easier solution is a flexible workspace in the EU which, for a company registered in the UK, means you can keep an EU presence without quite so much red tape and no expensive traditional office agreements.

Culture- Simply put, access to cultures different from your own is an overwhelmingly positive experience. Having a team that can bring different viewpoints to the table is beneficial on both a business and personal level- just think of the company culture too.

Clockwise Brussels

Clockwise Brussels

Networking- Even in today’s zoom-native world, there’s a lot to be said for meeting face-to-face and having a local office allows you to build local relationships. Take advantage of meeting rooms and event spaces for local networking whilst also feeling safe in the knowledge that all Clockwise locations are set up with technology for collaboration with your team over the Channel. The best of both worlds.  It also helps reduce anxiety regarding any continuing work with EU suppliers or customers as you still have representatives of the company on the ground.

Reputation – With an EU workspace to complement the UK office, you are affording your brand far greater visibility and exposure, increasing both profit and reputation. Access to a new market within an EU country often eases access to the countries surrounding it which is definitely not something to underestimate

What started as a way of hedging bets during the most uncertain days in the lead-up to Brexit has shown itself to be a strong business strategy. By keeping your base in the UK but setting up ‘satellite offices’ in the EU, you are able to maintain the reputation and revenue stream you have worked for over the years whilst accessing new markets, enjoying new networking opportunities and building an EU presence to not just survive, but thrive.

As we celebrate the launch of Clockwise Brussels, our first in mainland Europe, we’d love to help you benefit from having a workspace in both the UK & EU by providing bespoke, flexible office solutions including meeting space, breakout areas, private offices or hot-desking-  Get in touch to find out more.

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