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Is a serviced office a good option for you? – Clockwise

What are the benefits of a serviced office rental?


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a large business, it’s important to get to grips with what a serviced office can offer before you make the switch. We’ve weighed up the benefits to help you decide if a serviced office rental is for you.  

Serviced office rentals are booming in popularity. Attracted by their flexible leases, creative work spaces and thoughtful amenities, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes are feeling the pull to serviced offices. But, is it the right choice for you? Every business faces its own unique set of challenges and if times get tough, it’s important to make sure your office space is a help and not a hindrance to your business growth. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the questions you should ask yourself before making the switch to a serviced office:

  1. How important is flexibility?
  2. What’s your budget?
  3. What types of workspace do you need?
  4. How quickly do you need an office space?
  5. Are amenities important?
  • How important is flexibility?

When Dolly Parton sang about 9-5, she wasn’t thinking about client calls to Australia, chargers left in the office and mid-morning dentist appointments. The reality is that great work doesn’t just happen between 9am and 5pm anymore, so if 24/7 access is on your mind, a serviced office could be a great choice. 

  • What’s your budget?

Traditionally, office space has been one of (if not the biggest) business expenses a company will take on. If you want to keep cash flow, well—flowing, consider whether the shorter and more flexible office space leases typically found with a serviced office would set you up better in the short and medium term. If the ability to invest less up front and pivot quickly is more important than signing a 5-10 year lease, a serviced office rental could be the right move.

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  • What types of workspaces do you need?

The type of office space you need will depend on how big your team is, how you want to work (hot desking or dedicated spaces) and the level of privacy you require. Luckily, serviced offices can accommodate all needs so all you really need to think about is what you need right now. With the high level of flexibility built into the serviced office rental model, it’s easy to change your terms as your requirements evolve.

  • How quickly do you need an office space?

If time is of the essence, consider the benefits of a serviced office rental over a traditional office space. At Clockwise, new community members can get set up at speed and ‘move in’ to their new office the very next day. So, if waiting for months to get the keys doesn’t sound appealing, a serviced office might be the way to go.

  • Are amenities important? 

Are you going to buy all the desks, chairs, sofas, soft furnishings and kitchen items for your office? What about taking out the rubbish and keeping the space clean? If you’d rather not take on extra responsibilities, consider a managed office over a traditional one. With a serviced office rental, all the amenities are included in your membership so you can focus on what you do best (and not on watering the plants). 

Now you’re armed with the right information, you’ve got everything you need to figure out whether a serviced office is the right choice for you. Made a decision? Get in touch to find out about your nearest serviced office rentals and experience it for yourself. At Clockwise, we have flexible office locations nationwide with all the functionality, service, community and connectivity you need to make good work happen.

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