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Spread The Love With Corporate Social Responsibility

Here’s how to show yourself and the world some love this Valentine’s Day (and always).


Though traditionally a celebration of coupledom, February 14th is increasingly becoming a day where we all consider how else we can show love that doesn’t just stop at trays of chocolate or throwaway sentiments wrapped in a card.

Valentine’s Day can be a conduit through which we leverage our better deeds and the perfect time to relook at the promises you, as a business, made in your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Like declarations of undying devotion, do you honour them?

Consider how these environmental, economical and social initiatives can be actioned in a way that truly benefits your community and spreads love on a local level. Be the proof that business can be a force for good.

At Clockwise, our vision is for a future in which every work environment and experience has a positive impact on people, places and the planet- as such, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Underpinned by our strategy, join us to discover three alternative ways to show love to yourself and the world around you this February and always.

Socio-Economic Impact

One of the cornerstones of our socio-economic initiative is supporting our colleagues to volunteer.

This can be one of the easiest yet most meaningful ways to have a positive impact on your local community. Consider volunteering at a food bank, mentoring a young person looking to get into a similar industry or giving your time to another cause dear to your heart.

Remember, many organisations need the time of unpaid volunteers to be able to function, providing key support to those who need it most.

If time is an issue, ethical charitable giving is another way to give local initiatives something else they desperately need- the funds to continue doing what they do.

Climate Change & Circular Economy 

One of the biggest challenges facing our world today is, of course, climate change and it’s going to need all hands on deck to fight it.

We’re working towards becoming a completely carbon neutral business by the end of 2022 and the long term plan is to be carbon positive by 2030. However, there are smaller ways to reduce your carbon footprint and show love for the world, whatever the size of your company.

Both recycling – everything from paper to water- and using recycled materials are a great start whilst switching to public transport for your commute also has clear benefits. If the pandemic was good for one thing, it saw many businesses switch to online meetings rather than travelling long distances to meet in person. At Clockwise, we have seen a real interest in our Virtual Office Solutions and with transport accounting for around one-fifth of global CO2 emissions, you can see why.

Even enabling the energy-saving functions on your devices is a step in the right direction in the quest to minimise your carbon footprint. Sometimes the smallest changes made by enough people can have the biggest impact.

Clockwise Manchester seats

Clockwise Manchester

Health & Wellbeing 

Within our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we aim to provide spaces and services that enhance the wellbeing of colleagues and members- we know that the journey to spreading love in the wider world often starts within.

Show love to yourself by taking care of your health, internally and externally. Eat healthy and sustainably sourced food. Engage in mindfulness practices. Develop healthy work habits that put you first. Exercise mind and body with hobbies that make you feel good. Be kind to yourself by setting boundaries and prioritising your needs.

We are great believers in providing a programme of events for our members that not only benefit their business like our Speed Networking or Back to Business breakfasts but also wellbeing support that betters the health of the self too.

If making the world a better place is your love language, contact us to find out more about our flexible memberships for coworking, hot-desking, virtual or private office solutions- we may well be a match made in heaven.

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