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The benefits of coworking

From networking opportunities to increased productivity, find out why more people are choosing coworking over traditional offices.


Coworking spaces have become more popular than ever before, but why are they so effective and is it the right choice for you?

For most people, the last few years have shaken up the way we think about work. From what we do to where we do it, the conversation around working habits has hit a fever pitch.

Priorities have shifted towards flexibility, authenticity and transparency, leading many to rethink the status quo and look to setups that work better for both productivity and work/life balance. Enter: coworking spaces.

Created to be the antithesis of traditional, cubicle office spaces, coworking has evolved at breakneck speed. Walk around a coworking space like Clockwise and you might find entrepreneurs, freelance creatives and growing tech startups making use of all the spaces and benefits on offer.

So, why are more and more individuals and teams making coworking their norm? It’s all to do with why we’re motivated to do what we do (AKA the theory of work).

The most commonly cited benefits of coworking include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Inclusion in an engaged community
  • Access to varied types of work space
  • Flexibility to work to your own schedule
  • Being inspired by a creative environment
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Increased productivity

From the morning rush to the post-lunch slump, it’s not unusual to struggle with consistent productivity throughout the day. Unlike traditional offices (or WFH where that pile of laundry is calling your name), coworking spaces are optimised for productivity.

Having a range of spaces to work from (think sound-proofed private booths, buzzy living room spaces and cosy plant-filled corners), is a game changer. If you need to focus, you can retreat. If you need to charge your batteries, a friendly chat is just a few paces away. Adapting to what you need in the moment is a powerful way to harness productivity and keep yourself feeling fresh throughout the day.

Inclusion in an engaged community

Speaking of chats, interacting with other people has repeatedly been shown to increase dopamine (the happy hormone) production in the brain. In fact, the community feel created in coworking spaces can have a very real effect on motivation and happiness at work.

Surrounding yourself with interesting people (who all need to take a tea break from time to time), is a perfect way to get that fix. Shared kitchen spaces, communal tables and seating areas can all create a hive-mind atmosphere, so whether your neighbours are colleagues or new faces, you never feel disconnected.

Flexibility to work to your own schedule

Whether it’s making sure you’re out the door on time or simply working in the way that makes you feel most productive, flexibility is king. Think of a traditional office: you arrive early and have to wait for someone with a key to let you in, before arriving to find your workspace is in the same annoying spot next to the loud kitchen/blowing air con/insert office cliché.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, provide ultimate flexibility in their opening hours and layouts. So, you can maximise time working when it suits you and simply move to a new space whenever it takes your fancy.

Being inspired by a creative environment

We all know monotony is a killer for creativity, so it’s no wonder coworking spaces, with their bright, modern and flexible setups, are a hotbed for creative ideas. Just look at all the companies, from Uber to Spotify, that started out spitballing ideas in coworking spaces.

Whether that’s a space bustling with chatter, a colourful corner filled with interesting decor, or a peaceful nook with an inspiring view, at Clockwise and similar coworking locations, all your bases are covered.

To find out more about how coworking could benefit you, get in touch. At Clockwise, we have flexible office locations nationwide with all the functionality, service, community and connectivity you need to make good work happen.


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