The future of work is here, the future of work is hybrid – landscape The future of work is here, the future of work is hybrid – landscape The future of work is here, the future of work is hybrid – landscape
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The future of work is here, the future of work is hybrid

As news pours in on the details of the final restrictions being lifted, now is the time to finalise a flexible working policy.


As we await definitive news on plans for the last stages of reopening, many organisations have put a pause on finalising their flexible working policy. Here’s why you shouldn’t be one of them.

According to a recent McKinsey report, nine out of ten organisations are planning to embrace a hybrid model of remote and on-site working going forward after seeing a rise in productivity over the past year. Whilst this is an overwhelmingly positive step, the same report also finds that 68% of organisations have not communicated or even finalised plans for what the return to the office with a hybrid working model will look like in reality. This lack of communication to the team risks causing an increase in anxiety, undoing the productive steps made over the last year. Conversely, the organisations that have communicated solid plans for a continuance of the hybrid model and how they plan to use it are already seeing the benefits.

Communication is key to the success of blended working but the executives in the McKinsey report also cited other factors that helped them achieve an overall increase in productivity within the hybrid model:

  • Team connection including networking, ideating, mentoring and general opportunities to discuss projects.
  • Re-training managers in the subtle differences between remote and in-person leadership.
  • Re-designing processes to better support a hybrid workforce.
  • Re-thinking the hiring process to take advantage of a wider geographic scope.
  • Implementing streamlined changes to how they match employees to functions.

It’s clear from these findings that the companies putting the work in now to create a solid, stable framework for the hybrid working model are reaping the rewards.

Clockwise Manchester

Clockwise Manchester

Finding the right office space to rent for hybrid working is also paramount, at Clockwise, we are committed to helping you make the most of this opportunity. Whether you want a regional hub in Cheltenham, London, Glasgow, Liverpool or beyond, our workspaces are the solution to the problem of how to make the most of the positive changes that hybrid working can bring to your organisation.

We provide:

  • Flexible leases with one fee- It stands to reason that companies would be wary about taking on expensive and inflexible office rentals when the working week has changed so drastically. At Clockwise, we offer monthly rolling contracts and an all-inclusive fee, meaning you can have that central hub for your hybrid team without the pressure of traditional rigid commitments.
  • Private offices with bespoke layouts- Alongside shared workspaces, we also offer private offices that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. You can hold that all-important meeting with both on-site staff and remote workers at the same time, meaning smooth communication with the whole team and no proximity bias. Additional furniture can also be provided as required from large communal tables to comfortable breakout seating.
  • Spaces designed for collaboration- An area for the team to get face-time when needed. As seen in the McKinsey report, facilitating team connection has been a huge plus for the productivity leaders using the hybrid model.
  • Meeting Rooms- Ideal areas for interviewing potential new employees, meetings with clients or any management training sessions that may be required as you move working models.

On the cusp of our return to normality, it’s clear to see that now’s the time to get your plans properly laid down for your flexible working policy and make sure it’s communicated to your team. Wherever your location and whatever your specific requirements, get in touch to see how we can help get you ready for the future of hybrid that’s already happening.

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