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Embracing challenges in a positive and exciting new role

“Having members bringing this unique space to life is a dream come true.”


Her skills gained outside of work as a Mental Health Coach benefits her role as a General Manager. This role is an opportunity to care, inspire and support her team and members daily 

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In the past six months, Martha played a pivotal role in the successful opening of Clockwise the Hague. She says “I have been involved in the opening project… I managed to make it happen together with passionate and generous colleagues, no matter their title or experience, and this is great gift. Now, having members bringing this unique space to life is a dream come true.”  

What sets Clockwise apart for Martha is its strong sense of hospitality. She says “It’s not just about a service or a space, it is about a full personal experience where we connect to people, local communities and the planet for a common benefit.” 

Furthermore, her commitment to inclusivity and collaboration is evident in her vision for Clockwise. She expresses her desire to share her passion and knowledge with all UK and EU colleagues around current and future locations while continuing to build healthy and personal connections. She describes this as her “daily excitement, trusting this to be the key to success”. 

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