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Staying ahead of the curve

Embracing new technology and software to help shape the financial landscape at Clockwise.


Oli has not only excelled in the Finance Department but has become an invaluable team member and friend to many.

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Joining the team in October 2022 as our Commercial Finance Analyst, Oli didn’t just settle in – he made waves. His meticulous examination of Clockwise’s historical reports paved the way for proposing innovative formats and reporting styles. These enhancements empower the Senior Leadership Team to make more informed decisions about the future of Clockwise. 

When asked about his future plans, Oli shared, “I have lots of courses I plan on attending over the next 12 months. I want to stay ahead of the curve to introduce and embrace the new technology and software as soon as it is implemented.” 

Enthusiastically, Oli notes the collaborative spirit at Clockwise. “Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and experience to help you improve and grow in your role. Clockwise is stimulating, challenging, ever evolving and fun and Thursday drinks after work are a great way to wind down with everyone after a busy week. 

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months of life at Clockwise holds. I’m sure it will be entirely different from what I’m currently picturing, and I can’t wait for the new challenges that brings” 

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