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A Comprehensive Guide to WiFi 6 Technology – Clockwise

Why WiFi 6 matters – the high efficiency Wifi of the future is here


In a blink-and-you-miss-it, constantly changing digital world, staying on top of the latest technology is more crucial than ever. Having high efficiency WiFi, both at home and at work, is the cornerstone.

No longer is it just our smartphones and laptops relying on good connectivity, an increasing number of other appliances and devices are making up the Internet of Things (IoT). Sensors, timers, and other software exchange data to and from everything from fridges to security systems to lamps. We stream more than ever and use more and more cloud-based applications. In short, we place an ever-increasing demand on our wireless networks, so as these demands continue to grow, there is a need for the underlying technology that keeps us all connected to evolve to meet it.

Originally called 802.11ax by the Star Warsy sounding Wifi Alliance, a global network of companies responsible for WiFi technology, Wifi 6 was first announced in 2019. It was the first new iteration of WiFi to lose the jargonish coded name and simply be numbered. As with all previous WiFi versions, it takes a while for manufacturers of routers and smart devices to produce products capable of handling the upgrade, so WiFi 6’s peak moment is very much now.

We want the best possible experience for everyone using Clockwise spaces, so almost all of our locations are already using WiFi 6. Glasgow will be upgraded this September and Liverpool will follow suit in 2024, giving all our members access to the new, improved WiFi 6 features.

Keep reading to learn about the new features of WiFi 6 and why it is the high efficiency boost that your workplace and home needs.

The new high efficiency features of WiFi 6

  • A multi-channel speed boost

WiFi 6 brings faster speeds thanks to the introduction of Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology. This latest innovation upgrades the user experience, even in crowds. It makes it possible for the router to communicate with multiple devices at once, meaning faster transfer of data and less latency.

A further boost comes from another new innovation – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). This takes each wireless channel and divides it into smaller sub-channels. This means the router can work with multiple devices even if they have different bandwidth requirements.

  • Overcoming overlaps with BSS colouring

Gain more stable connections thanks to another new feature, Basic Service Set (BSS) colouring. This solves the problem of interference from other nearby network signals, providing better overall performance.

  • Wakey wakey with TWT

No more waiting and wasting battery life as devices to search for signals, as Target Wake Time (TWT) means scheduled wake up and communications between individual devices and your router.

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The benefits of WiFi 6

  • Better crowd coverage

One of the most significant advantages of WiFi 6 is the improvement in performance in crowded places like airports, music venues, and city centres. This is thanks to new technology described above that allows multiple devices to access it without any loss of performance.

  • Better range

WiFi 6 has improved signal range compared to previous versions. This is particularly good news for bigger households or workspaces, as a stronger signal from the router means fewer of those frustrating WiFi dead spots.

  • Better battery life

A significant amount of the power on your phone or laptop is taken up by the searching and maintaining of a WiFi connection. The new TWT technology reduces this significantly – good news for the environment and your battery life.

  • Improved Bandwidth

TWT also makes more bandwidth available for applications and services that support day-to-day business operations. Essential security services such as firewalls, privacy applications like VPNs, and cloud-based software including Office 365 and Google Workspace can be effectively run in the background in a lower power mode. This leaves more speed available where it counts, for devices like laptops and phones that use WiFi more intensively.

  • Paving the way for the future

As more and more devices have WiFi capability – appliances, vehicles, and other everyday objects – WiFi needs to be able to cope with the growing demand from this ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT). WiFi 6 is the high efficiency WiFi of the future needed to keep up with this increasing demand. Although compatible devices are more and more common if you want to use your current tech with WiFi 6, check the manufacturer’s guide to see if they can support it.

High efficiency WiFi – the perfect coworking companion

With increased range, more efficient use of power and smarter use of bandwidth, it’s easy to see why WiFi 6 is a great benefit to any business looking to use a coworking space. Nearly all Clockwise locations are already offering it and plans are in place for all of them to offer it in 2024, bringing the best in functionality, service and connectivity to our whole community.

Looking for more ways to stay connected and efficient? Explore a wealth of knowledge on everything from networking to flexible workspaces on the Clockwise blog.

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