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Attracting Employees Through Workplace Design

Where and how we work has changed dramatically in recent years, we explore how functional design and aesthetics can be used to create the perfect work environment.


Where and how we work has changed dramatically in recent years, and in many ways, it has become one of the largest factors in taking on a new role as a prospective employee. Whilst many people are looking for jobs which encourage working from home (or at least a hybrid mix of home and office), the appetite for in-person working from employers has been on the rise. But how do you entice employees back to an office when working from home can seem so much more convenient?

The solution for hundreds of thousands of workers has come in the form of coworking spaces. These offices provide a place for employees to come and socialise, buckle down and work and escape the four walls of their home setup. And with the meteoric rise in coworking offices, there are plenty of great workplaces to choose from.

But what do you look for in a coworking space? And how can you create the sweetest deal to convince workers to commute regularly again? Luckily, the solution is simple enough. It’s just about selecting the right place for the right audience.
Here are a few straightforward ways to ensure you do all you can to make your future coworking office feel more like a bonus and less like a chore.

The functional

Navigating the hundreds of coworking spaces might feel like a minefield, but there are a few practical elements to ensure you get the basics right.

  • Location, location, location: Is this a convenient location for the majority of your employees and clients? Does it have good transport links nearby? Is there a good range of food and social activities around?
  • Accessibility: Is the office fit for workers with both visible and invisible disabilities? This includes things like ramp access, quiet spaces and room to navigate around the office.
  • Facilities: It may seem basic, but is the office kitchen big enough to accommodate the lunch rush? Is there a good tea and coffee station? Are the bathrooms modern? And is there enough seating and work areas to suit every style of worker?

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The aesthetic

Good style is more than just a nice to have; it’s an essential component of a thriving workplace. Once you nail a few of these core details, you’ll have an energising office that people will relish working from.

  • Lighting: One of the most important features of an office is good, natural lighting. Bright, open spaces have been found to be amazing tools for increasing both mood and morale. They even boost productivity and accuracy in day-to-day work while helping employees with eye strain, headaches and fatigue.
  • Nature: There’s a reason the sales of plants boomed in the wake of working from home, and office spaces can use the same tools to attract prospective workers. Modern workers crave greener environments for many reasons, from their calming nature to the ability to reduce stress. Plants increase the quality of everything from the air we breath to the morale of employees.
  • Style: An office’s style should reflect the business’s culture and energy. You may want to opt for a place with a more muted colour scheme and modern fixtures for corporate jobs. In contrast, creative spaces may be better suited to something a little more unique. A stylish office that reflects a company’s purpose is an attractive factor for many curious employees. 

Finding an office space that isn’t just fit for purpose but also feels and energises your workforce is no easy task. At Clockwise, we have invested heavily in creating premium office spaces that actively get people excited about coming into the office. Curious? Check out your local Clockwise coworking space and see if it feels right for you.

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