How to put a Business Positive Impact Strategy at the heart of your corporate vision – landscape How to put a Business Positive Impact Strategy at the heart of your corporate vision – landscape How to put a Business Positive Impact Strategy at the heart of your corporate vision – landscape
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How to put a Business Positive Impact Strategy at the heart of your corporate vision

Find out why corporate social responsibility is of the utmost importance in your future strategies


We believe that when work is more than just a job, you need more than just an office.

We also believe that saving the world is not a one-company job and needs more than just good intentions from businesses. What it requires is a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with measurable actions, business outcomes and obvious societal impacts.

Not only do customers have expectations of businesses to be change leaders but according to the Global Leadership Survey of 2019, 93% of successful young CEOs believe that there is a corporate responsibility to foster a positive impact beyond the accumulation of wealth.

It’s not easy switching to a model with a social purpose but this framework has been proven to benefit businesses in return- improving worker productivity, reaching a new demographic, spurring innovation and even increasing both revenues and trust.

How to get there can seem insurmountable at first but as with all big plans for change, it starts with your strategy and the kind of thinking that is integral in business anyway. To give you an idea, at Clockwise, we crafted our Positive Impact Strategy 2021 around four key goals with a roadmap to help us achieve them.

Climate Change

We can play our part in tackling climate change by creating carbon-neutral workspaces to become a carbon positive business by 2030. Think of how this could be implemented in your workplace by reducing demand for energy and business travel or make sure your office is using renewable energy sources.

Circular Economy

Striving towards zero waste and use of sustainable materials, by embedding circular economy principles into the way we design, operate and maintain our spaces. For you, this might mean adding this to non-negotiables when choosing your workplace provider or completely avoiding single-use plastics.

Clockwise Belfast 2

Clockwise Belfast

Health & Wellbeing- Providing spaces and services that enhance the productivity, health and wellbeing of colleagues and members. From using natural cleaning products and providing sustainably sourced catering to wellbeing support and improved air quality, the little things can add up to a lot.

Corporate Socio-Economic Impact– Proactively supporting the UK’s levelling up agenda to help reduce inequalities. We aim to always support new business and ensure that our efforts help create a positive impact in our local communities. Volunteering time for meaningful initiatives and ensuring your workforce is representative of the diverse country we live in are important steps towards this change.

These are not just words or empty gestures. All our contemporary flexible membership private offices and shared workspaces are designed and operated with these key factors in mind. From the green spaces, health and wellbeing programmes for members and enhancing regional economies to breathing new life into the buildings that house our office spaces, we have big plans that will see our approach grow as we do.

It is time for all businesses, large and small, in all industries to step up. We believe that a future where all workplaces can be a force for good is in reach with the right framework put in place. CSR strategies genuinely help save the world and in the words of a rather famous supermarket, every little helps. Drop us an email to find out more about our plans or download our full strategy here.

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