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Into the Metaverse with the Clockwise Campus

The Metaverse is revolutionising how we experience the world; now, with Clockwise Campus, it’s revolutionising the workspace too.


The immersive world of the Metaverse

The Metaverse might feel like a far-off future, but it is very much here. From restaurants to real estate, concerts to art collections, universities and beyond, this digital dream has become a developed landscape of companies, organisations and celebrities alike. But, at the heart of all this innovation is the sense of real connection between users despite no physical space being shared at all. 

Before we understand the potential of the Metaverse for business, it’s important to look at what it is and why it is well suited to Clockwise. The Metaverse is a virtual platform founded in 2021. Its initial mission was primarily to make social media more immersive and real for the user. However, its uses have expanded far beyond this into gaming, shopping, and education. 

First, you start with an avatar; this digital version of yourself is the vehicle to experience the Metaverse. This platform lends itself well to VR headsets for ultimate immersion or can be accessed via desktop. Whichever way you join, it’s a portal to connect with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide via voice or chat. 

The Metaverse is undoubtedly one of the biggest digital innovations in years, and it has the potential to revolutionise how we connect with one another. These collaborative and creative digital spaces are a natural fit for Clockwise and coworking spaces alike. The appetite for shared offices is still rising; in the last 3 years alone, Clockwise offices have grown by 500%, expanding from the UK into mainland Europe. So, whilst we grow our real-world footprint, it seemed like a natural leap to enter the Metaverse too.

Come with us on the journey as we lead you through our ground-breaking digital office.

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What is the Clockwise Campus?

As modern workers, we’re no strangers to changing how we work, and, for most of us, every new change comes with unique benefits and flexibility. But although there are many wonders to the ever-evolving hybrid working model, there’s no doubt that social interaction has taken a real hit. A shared Slack channel and an all-hands meeting can provide a fleeting social connection, but having that day-to-day facetime with colleagues is a sorely missed experience. 

That’s where Clockwise Campus comes in. This new digital office bridges that gap and invites you (and your personalised avatar) to work alongside colleagues and other users in the coworking space; from there, you can host meetings, chat via voice or message and feel more connected throughout your work day.

Alongside digital hotdesking, the Clockwise Campus will serve as a virtual stage for industry talks, events and more. Clockwise events in the Metaverse allow us to bring people from all over the world together in one room. So far, we have several launch events planned, including lectures, panel discussions and collaborative sessions with industry leaders and influential speakers. The possibilities for social connection, training, development and events are endless.

Designing a Metaverse workspace

A signature element of the physical Clockwise offices is the contemporary, natural environment that enables people to live their best work lives. The design of our offices is a point of pride in the real world, and it is in the virtual one also. Following our successful collaboration with our longstanding design partner, MoreySmith, we invited them to weave their expertise and inject that familiar sense of warmth and fresh atmosphere into the Clockwise Campus, too. And, just like our brick-and-mortar offices, you’ll find this space full of calming greenery too.

Externally, the Clockwise Campus takes inspiration from our most iconic real-world offices with an infinity moat that nods towards the canal view of Bristol and the addition of stunning digital trees that call on the beauty of the Wood Green office.

Making the Metaverse work for you

The Metaverse is more than a fun platform; its impact is already changing how people think, socialise and feel. While studies are still early in development, initial findings have shown greater feelings of support and social fulfilment. If it can be done in the social sphere, the opportunity for a less isolating work experience is just waiting to be explored.

Whether used in conjunction with in-person Clockwise coworking, for digital socials, event hosting or a combination of all three, the Clockwise Campus is set to be the next advancement in modern working. We couldn’t be more excited to lead this revolution.

Could the Clockwise Campus take your business to another level? Take a look for yourself. Get in touch to find out more and arrange a digital pass to explore for yourself. Visit to start your journey at the Clockwise Campus.

he budget significantly. Digital files are easy to keep and back up, and you don’t need as much physical storage space. That means more resources for other, more exciting areas of business.

Makes compliance hassle-free

Lots of industries have strict rules about how data is stored, for how long, and who can access it. Going paperless makes it easier to keep track of everything, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws or wasting time on tracking or destroying physical files and records. 

Paper documents can be easily damaged, stolen, and lost. With paperless data, you can encrypt it, use passwords, and take other steps to protect it. And of course, a digital backup of your documents will make sure everything stays safe and secure.

Fresh, streamlined collaboration

Going paperless can make a huge difference in how teams work together in the workplace. You can share and edit digital files in real time, making it easier for everyone to work together. Not only that, but it’ll help speed up projects and reduce the chances of mistakes due to outdated info.

Digitising your documents makes them a breeze to access 24/7 from anywhere. With all the information needed just a couple of clicks away, it’s great for your employees, especially if they’re working from home or on the go. You don’t have to waste time looking through piles of paper or finding lost files. 

Avoiding unnecessary post, and being able to digitally sign documents or access records more efficiently all improve customer experiences, speeding up different processes and helping your client base to reduce paper clutter at home too.

Improves flexibility and business agility

With all your files safely stored in the cloud, all your forms signable online, and all your routine workflows free from messy paperwork, the flexibility of your workspace increases. And if you are no longer tied to a traditional office, why not consider the benefits of flexible coworking spaces? With 15 locations across the UK and Europe, Clockwise offers a perfect blend of functionality, community, and connectivity within inspiring, design-led settings. Take a look at what your company could save if switching from traditional to flexible workspaces.

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