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Make A Flexible Office Membership Work For You

Discover the difference between traditional rental contracts and flexible office solutions.


The main difference between a traditional office rental and a coworking or private office membership with Clockwise is flexibility. Here’s how the different spaces and services on offer with our flexible office solutions can benefit both you and your business, whatever your working style.

The alarm goes off at seven. After a quick scrabble to get ready, you’re on the commute. You arrive in the office at nine where you sit in the same seat with the same colleagues nearby for your entire working day. This corner of the office is your home for creative thinking, admin tasks, strategic planning and even meetings with limited opportunity for networking outside of your core team.

Rewind a few years and for many, this is exactly what a typical day at the office would have looked like. Then came the shift in working life that accompanied the pandemic when everything changed- the demand for coworking spaces, hotdesking and even private offices with a flexible licence has reached new levels and shows no sign of abating. As the working world finds its footing in a more hybrid structure, spaces offering flexible office solutions need to support that like never before.

But how much difference do flexible office solutions really make to your working day? Be it Manchester’s Linley House or London’s Greenside House, the different spaces, services and functions on offer with Clockwise can truly have a positive impact on your business. To see how, let’s explore a day in the life of a Clockwise coworking member with a dedicated desk.

It’s Monday and your first meeting isn’t until later so this morning is the perfect time to get stuck into some deep focus work.

Your dedicated desk membership means that you have lockable storage for your laptop and other equipment so you can just arrive, grab a cup of complimentary coffee, set up and dive straight into that important task. It also means you can put your phone away whilst you work which is always great for helping limit distractions.

All of our areas are designed with differing working styles in mind so as the morning progresses, you can dip into the energy and atmosphere of the coworking space as and when it suits you.

Once the deep focus task is checked off, the collaborative buzz of the breakout area means you can tap into the ideas of fellow entrepreneurs who come from all sorts of different business backgrounds. This coworking space is the best of both worlds giving you the chance to focus when needed whilst also giving you the dynamism of face to face interaction.

Southampton dedicated desks

Dedicated desks at Clockwise Southampton

It’s lunchtime. With access to the kitchen, it’s easy to store that salad you whipped up this morning or warm up the leftovers from last night’s successful recipe attempt.

Due to the central location of all the Clockwise shared offices, there’s also plenty of opportunities to grab a proper lunch break away from your desk anywhere from Liverpool’s historic Royal Albert Dock to Exeter’s centuries-old Castle Quarter or even in the on-site cafe serving both hot and cold food.

After lunch, it’s time for that important meeting. As part of your dedicated desk membership, you have access to preferential rates on our meeting rooms for when you need to make that memorable first impression. As this professional get-together is hybrid, you’ll be making the most of the tech that the room comes equipped with to ensure the dialogue between those in-house and those dialling in virtually is seamless. For smaller meetings, there are even soundproof phone booths that you can use at your convenience.

After a successful afternoon, it’s coming to the end of the working day. In all of our coworking spaces, there is a programme of both personal and professional events for you to attend as a member of the Clockwise community. This evening, that could be anything from start-up business networking or goal-setting sessions to yoga or even a members-only quiz night.

Our goal at Clockwise is to ensure that we can provide you with a home, for work that takes into account all the needs of a modern business. The best thing is that there are no worries about weighty contracts either as all of our memberships, from dedicated desk to private office, are flexible and rolling. In this way, a shared office can really work for you, for as long as you need.

A Dedicated Desk Membership starts at £175 a month and includes:

  • A dedicated desk reserved for you
  • Lockable storage
  • Access to breakout spaces and kitchens
  • Preferential rates on meeting rooms and complimentary refreshments
  • Business address and telephone number
  • Access to the member portal for networking

Get in touch today to discuss how our range of flexible office solutions can benefit you and your business.

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