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Maximising Productivity in a Shared Office Space: Tips and Tricks

Looking to maximise your productivity in a shared office? Read our article to find out the best tips and tricks on how to.


Productivity. When we’ve got it, the work comes easy, time goes by unnoticed and ticking off our to-do list is a breeze. But when we haven’t? It’s a face-in-hand, uphill struggle to start, let alone finish the simplest tasks. But, instead of trying to bargain with a higher power, why not give some of our tried and tested tips for increased productivity a go?

One thing to consider when addressing productivity is where you work. For example, for many people, working in a shared space surrounded by the hustle and bustle can lead to a much greater level of productivity than working from home. 

Coworking spaces’ structure, facilities and socialisation create an atmosphere of shared empowerment that can’t be gleaned from your solo office. Not to mention your access to daytime tv and the interruptions by pets, kids and everyday home life are all but eliminated. For many workers, a coworking space is an effective oasis for achieving their work goals.

But that’s not to say it is completely without distractions. After all, with great flexibility comes new challenges, from ever-changing desk spaces to the sounds of other people working and the hustle and bustle of many moving parts. Learning how best to adapt to coworking is a skill in itself. So, let’s start by providing some solutions for the most common distractions in shared offices. 

Reducing your distractions

  1. Noise

For some, the hum of an office is like white noise; for others, the streams of conversation can be incredibly distracting. And, whilst there are many more secluded places to work in a shared office, competition for them can be fierce. A great solution is to purchase a set of noise-cancelling headphones. That way, even without music, you can enjoy a degree of separation and focus better on the work at hand. 

  1. Visual distractions

An ever-rotating series of co-workers and clients can mean your office landscape changes daily. For people who find their attention diverted by the bustle, try choosing a one-person desk, this will allow you vital control of your immediate surroundings. You can also opt to work in available nooks or opt for a desk in less frequented areas.

  1. Comfort

Not all seats were created equal. Whether you need a hard-backed chair, a squishy sofa or a bench, finding your goldilocks working style will allow you to really sink into your most productive self.

Productivity boosting steps

With the three biggest bugbears of distraction out of the way, how can you dial your productivity up a notch?

  1. Socialisation 

It seems backward to suggest that being more social in your coworking space could actively get more done, but studies have shown that people who socialise face-to-face with their colleagues report a greater sense of happiness and, from that, a greater sense of productivity. 



  1. Planning ahead

Just like working from home, protecting your time is valuable. Though people may have physical access to you in a coworking space, it doesn’t mean your mental space is open all hours. Schedule deep work hours and mute your notifications when you need to get down to it.

  1. Take breaks

Surely more time at your desk will get more done, right? Wrong. In fact, taking everything from a 5-minute break to a whole lunch hour can transform how you work. Many studies have shown that prolonged time on tasks actually decreases attention and leads to a lack of focus. So the next time you find yourself pushing and pushing yourself to concentrate, take yourself for a walk, refill your water and come back with a clear mind.

Like all ways of working, productivity is a personal recipe. However, these starters for six are certainly a good foundation to build a better, happier, more productive you. Like the sound of coworking space benefits, why not get in touch with us today and find your nearest Clockwise office?

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