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The Hidden Wonders of Co-working Spaces

Shared offices are now commonplace, but what are the benefits for us as workers and business as a whole?


From convenience to a workplace catalyst

Co-working spaces are not a new concept, though their prevalence in our lives of late may make it look that way. Starting in a small office in Berlin circa 1995 and expanding outwards, the first wave of shared offices washed over the working world from their adoption into the technological capital of Silicon Valley, and from there, the new way of working grew. 

Though co-working took a hit at the height of the pandemic, as it stands today, an expected 5 million people will use a co-working space regularly in 2024. Our daily use of these spaces is partly due to the post-pandemic hybrid working trend.

Good co-working spaces are facing meteoric rises in interest. 

At Clockwise, we’ve increased our locations by 500% in the last three years, leading us expand into the Europe market. 

But there’s more to co-working than just convenience; the social and physical environment can increase both personal and business success in a way that separate offices cannot compete with. 

So, what are the hidden wonders of co-working spaces? And how can you start harnessing them in your own working life?

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A community of collaboration

One of the greatest opportunities shared office spaces bring is the diversity of people, companies and minds that are brought together. Once upon a time, different professions occupied different offices and different parts of the city, meaning the prospect of collaborating with people across industries was drastically less likely. The walls that separated these businesses have literally and metaphorically come down. Now we can sit side by side with workers from all backgrounds and unlock collaboration with all types of specialists. 

An impressive 79% of co-working users have expressed impressive growth in their professional networks. 

A great place to start with accessing the co-working community of your shared office is at events held by the workspaces themselves. Many co-working companies will host regular talks, social events and other activities. These are wonderful ways to connect naturally with people and begin to develop new professional relationships. 

An environment for success

Co-working spaces are designed to encourage productive working. From layout to aesthetic, meeting rooms to hot-desking, shared offices are different from the vision of greige decor and banks of desks they were once thought to be. 

Many shared offices boast impressive design, natural greenery, a variety of custom-built spaces, the latest tech and more. This commitment to creating an inviting and productive environment is the sole focus of co-working enterprises, allowing you as a business to focus more on your output and less on creating the perfect place to do it.

At Clockwise, we collaborated with esteemed interior designers MoreySmith, to create a space that was fit for purpose, made to be enjoyed, and primed to encourage productivity. In our recent article, ‘Attracting Employees Through Workplace Design,’ we delve deeper into the elements that make a great workplace.

Flexibility and wellness

Beyond the building and the people that work within, a shared office’s role in our lives is a key factor in its greatness. 

Many shared offices have many locations, meaning you can access offices most local to you, meet in the middle at a convenient space with coworkers, and streamline your commute to and from the office. 

Many businesses that operate from co-working spaces also incorporate hybrid working into their working practices. Shared offices are a great way to maintain connection when you have a workforce that is separated by distance, as they provide a central hub for getting together. They also help hybrid workers create routines and hold onto a space away from the distraction of home. 

The social benefits to our wellness also come into play here. A survey by Promoleaf reported an alarming 53% of fully remote workers feel lonely during the workday. The joy of a shared office is in the natural social environment they create. From a chat in the shared kitchen to sharing lunch with others, the small encounters with others throughout our workday have the potential to improve our overall wellness in remarkable ways. 

Whether you are thinking of moving to a shared office full-time or are thinking of improving your working-from-home model, the benefits of a shared workspace are undeniable. 

Are you interested in learning more about our co-working services? Explore the Clockwise site for a brief look at our offering, or get in touch to arrange a viewing of your local offices. Our team would be happy to guide and advise you on a workplace solution that works best for you,

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