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Coworking spaces, designed with you in mind – Clockwise

Coworking Spaces, designed for life.


Discover flexible shared office spaces that are as personal as they are professional.

That the working world has changed since the pandemic is not news.

Between the Great Resignation that led to serious shuffles between industries and the rise of remote working powering a heightened desire for coworking spaces, it’s clear that our working needs have changed.

This rapid shift may have been fuelled by a crisis, but it merely accelerated the changes that have been on the cards for a long time now. Simply, the post-industrial ways of working just weren’t working for most of us anymore.

Even before the world changed, we made it our business to transform the shared office experience, with spaces designed for the worker of today. It just so happens that it’s a mission that’s even more relevant now.

Alongside flexible membership plans, personal service and a vibrant Clockwise community, there is real attention to detail in every aspect of our buildings and spaces. Coworking in London or renting a private office in Glasgow, we know it’s the little things as much as the major features that turn a place for work, into a home for work.

Here are some of the ways we design our shared offices, with modern working life in mind.


Our coworking spaces are designed with you in mind.

  • Agile Work Spaces – There is no one-size-fits-all coworking space. In one day, you might want a quiet space to get some deep work done in the morning, then some social chats over coffee, followed by an area for collaboration with other Clockwise members. That’s why we ensured that all our spaces were designed with agility in mind, so you can get what you need when you need it.
  • Democratic Design – We provide ongoing support to all members, right down to the design needed to ensure they can complete their working weeks as comfortably and efficiently as possible. We don’t just take the needs of the CEOs and big bosses into account, we create space for all sorts of roles, from marketing manager to customer service executive, to do their very best.
  • Light Work – It is estimated that 90% of us spend too much time indoors with insufficient light. When working at a computer, this means eye strain, migraines and poor concentration – it also has a huge impact on our mental health. Our shared office designs ensure that even interiors benefit from maximised light, from plenty of windows to glass partitions.
  • The Great Outdoors – For the same reasons listed above, we provide access to outside spaces for fresh air, wellbeing and to provide an even greater variety of coworking spaces for our members.
  • Join The Club – We run a wide range of events for our members, from professional to social. You’ll even find splashes of art and thoughtful design touches throughout our events and social spaces to bring you even more moments of joy.
  • Local Flavour – Whether your shared office is in Brussels, Leeds, Edinburgh, Belfast or any of our locations, you’ll find little local touches that nod to the culture of the city that houses them. A true home, for work.

If you’re searching for a coworking space or private office to rent that puts your needs at the centre of the membership, discover flexible solutions as personal as they are professional with Clockwise. Email today to find out more.

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