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What is flexible office space?

Demand for flexibility is on the rise—discover how flexible offices are leading the charge for modern workplaces.


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on the need for greater flexibility in the way we work, flexible offices have been leading the way forward.

Flexible office space usually comprises of one or more of the following:

  • Hot desks: where you can move between unassigned desk spaces as you like.
  • Dedicated desk spaces: where you have your own desk space with storage.
  • Private offices: lockable work spaces with greater privacy.
  • Virtual office: a registered business address with the option to book meeting spaces.
  • Day passes: access to all flexible office amenities on a day-by-day basis.


Hot desks

As the name suggests, hot desks provide a more relaxed way of working compared to a traditional office. Instead of needing to work at an assigned desk, flexible office spaces can offer the opportunity to work from different desks and locations within their space. This increased level of flexibility allows you to choose when, where and how you want to work, flexing with your needs as they change throughout the day or week.

Dedicated desk spaces

Prefer to have all your equipment set up and ready for you when you arrive? A dedicated desk space could be the answer. Flexible office spaces can accommodate dedicated desk spaces while also offering high levels of flexibility. So, if you want to focus at your desk in the morning and bounce between hi-spec amenities in the afternoon (think fully equipped meeting rooms, communal kitchens and creative seating areas)—you’re covered.

Private offices

Most flexible office spaces offer privacy booths and meeting rooms for confidential conversations, however for a more discreet experience, consider a private office space. Lockable for additional peace of mind, these offices are a perfect option for senior leadership roles.

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Flexible office space

Virtual offices

Keen to avoid the commuter rush? Flexible office spaces can accommodate all types of members, including those who prefer to work remotely. Virtual office amenities often include a registered business address to help smooth communications, operations and costs for businesses of any size.

Day passes

It’s unsurprising that flexibility is king when it comes to flexible office spaces. Contrary to traditional offices, where you might need to sign a 5-10 year full-time lease, flexible office spaces allow you to drop in and out when it’s convenient. Best of all—you only pay for the time you actually use the space, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Is a flexible office right for you?

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or run a bigger enterprise, flexible offices have something to offer every type of worker. To find out more about what flexible office space could offer you, get in touch. At Clockwise, we have flexible office locations nationwide with all the functionality, service, community and connectivity you need to make good work happen.

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