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Your ideal flexible workspace – A Clockwise Guide

Coffee Shop vs Coworking Space: The Flexible Workspace Showdown.


Everybody has their way of winning the working day but when it comes to these two ‘coworking’ options, which is the best fit for you?

For many around the world now, the idea of having to schlep across the city to sit in the same seat every day, next to the same people before making the same journey back home again in the evening just does not compute.

For others, they might like a little routine and enjoy being able to bond with others but just don’t fancy the 9-5 – particularly when peak commuting costs are what they are and they’d like a little more work-life balance.

There is no archetypal remote worker – you can want the freedom to work remotely without every requirement and need being the same as the next person. That’s why it’s crucial to figure out which environment is going to help you be your best work self.

One of the biggest questions seems to hang over whether to fly by the seat of your pants at coffee shops across the town, dipping in and out as you fancy, or pay the money to ensure a dedicated desk at a proper coworking space where reliable WiFi is guaranteed. This, of course, very much depends on what you personally need from your working day.

So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Coffee Shop vs Coworking Space in place of a traditional office.

For starters, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What sort of budget are you working with?
  • How many virtual meetings do you generally have on an average working day?
  • How important is networking to you?
  • What sort of environment benefits your productivity?
  • What kind of amenities do you need?

Once you have the answers, this will help you define your requirements to make a solid comparison.

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This can have a huge impact on your decision but may not be as simple as it first seems. Whereas coffee shops come without the set financial outlay, it’s not really the done thing to sit there for hours on end nursing a cold Cappuccino.

A coffee shop can be great for the budget if you’re there for just a short while but the price tends to stack up as the hours wear on. Conversely, a coworking space comes with a price tag but due to the flexible nature of leases from providers like Clockwise, one payment gets you the full day. Oh, and the coffee is unlimited too.


Small in-person meetings can be well-suited to the coffee shop environment, meaning you can pick the location based on the best choice for all attendees.

However, for bigger meetings with A/V requirements or even a string of regular virtual check-ins, the buzz and informality of the coffee shop do not lend themselves well to seamless meetings.

Most coworking spaces, Clockwise included, have designed their shared offices to ensure flawless capabilities with meeting rooms for hire, complete with all the requisite tech or even spaces designated to do it virtually.


Both have their positives when it comes to networking opportunities. The coffee shop is great for those unexpected encounters with people from diverse walks of life while the coworking space is fantastic for making contacts with other people that are also starting or scaling up their businesses. And who knows what benefits either outcome could have for your own company?

At Clockwise, we also run a full programme of events specifically designed to help our members get to know each other, professionally or personally.


Again, this very much depends on what sort of worker you are.

If you’re somebody who thrives in a noisier environment then the coffee shop could be the perfect place for you to set up and plug in. For quiet time with no distractions, a coworking space would be preferable.

If you think that somewhere in the middle is the right spot for you then a Clockwise membership could be just what you’re looking for. All of our locations are designed with all sorts of working styles in mind so you could be getting focus work done in the morning and taking advantage of the breakout spaces for the buzz and the chance encounters in the afternoon.


This is where the biggest differentiators come into play. Whilst there are thousands of coffee shops nationwide with great internet connection and plenty of plug sockets, they are set up primarily for social interactions and caffeine injections.

If reliable wifi, ergonomic chairs and all the amenities needed for the modern worker sound more for you, then you might be leaning towards coworking spaces that give you the traditional office feel without the inflexible leases or 9-5 requirement. After all, these are businesses set up with the primary objective of providing you with a place to work.

If the research has been done and the result is leading you in the direction of coworking then get in touch. At Clockwise, we have locations nationwide and aim to provide all the functionality and flexibility, simplicity and service, community and connectivity you need to make the good work happen.

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