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Driving Clockwise’s sustainability journey with dedication and purpose

With a passion for sustainability, Josh Rose joins Clockwise as the ESG Manager, undertaking a new role to pave our way towards a greener future.


Having joined Clockwise in April 2023, Josh has become a vital pillar in our journey towards a more sustainable future. For Josh, this isn’t just a job; it’s a passion to build a better, greener world.

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As the architect of our sustainability strategy, he’s crafted a roadmap to reduce our carbon footprint and lead us towards a more environmentally conscious future. In this journey, he has assumed the role of captain, guiding and motivating our Green Committee to spearhead transformative change within the company.

What sets Josh apart is not only his dedication to learning about sustainability but also his extensive background in social charities. Prior to Clockwise, he spent four years working with young people in state schools, running programmes aimed at building skills such as communication and teamwork to prepare them for the world of work. These programs included partnerships with city businesses that mentored the youth through year-long social action projects, designed to help them develop their skills while contributing to meaningful causes.

Now, at Clockwise, Josh’s enthusiasm for learning is evident through his engagement in courses from well-known institutions like The Open University, The Skills Network, Udemy, and EcoVadis, always staying updated with the latest trends and discoveries in sustainability, and he’s always keen to hear from experts in the field.

What really excites Josh is the idea of leading a global ESG team that ensures every decision we make has a positive impact on people, places and the planet. He’s thrilled at the prospect of Clockwise making a real difference in local communities across the UK and further.

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