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From coworking to campus and back

Athena’s pursuit of higher education took her away from Clockwise, only to bring her back after.


Originally part of the Clockwise team in Edinburgh Leith, Athena departed to pursue further education in Manchester. Upon completing her studies, she rejoined Clockwise Manchester, and we were thrilled to welcome her back.

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Athena’s journey at Clockwise unfolded swiftly, progressing from Community Assistant to Community Coordinator within seven months in Edinburgh Leith. She later transitioned to Clockwise Manchester as a Community Assistant, achieving another promotion to Community Coordinator within just two months. Reflecting on her return, Athena remarked, “When I was applying for the Community Assistant role the second time (in Manchester), I never once considered it a step down to what I was doing in Edinburgh – I was actually very excited to be around people who are eager to help you grow.” 

Despite the Clockwise team being spread across the UK and in mainland Europe we are proud to say our team are always willing to support each other.

Athena recognised this when she said “I receive a lot of support from the Community Coordinators of other sites… they are always willing to offer help when needed.” She added that during her time at Clockwise Edinburgh Leith, General Manager Steven provided unlimited support, helping Athena gain confidence in her role and paving the way for her progression to the Community Coordinator position. 

Athena is content with her move, finding more time to focus on events, member benefits, and ensuring an enjoyable experience for Clockwise Manchester members. This, in turn, allows her to forge more meaningful connections with members. Looking ahead, Athena expresses eagerness to continue her journey with Clockwise, with aspirations to eventually join the Operations Team. For now, Athena saysI genuinely enjoy coming into work each day to be surrounded by my team. I still have plenty to learn and I’m excited to continue hosting events for our members in Manchester.” 

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