In honour of Pride month, join us for a panel discussion based around LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the workplace.

Is your business doing enough for LGBTQ+ inclusion? Our host and panel members will discuss this in the relaxed setting of Clockwise Offices. The session will be followed by a delicious buffet style lunch by Two Hands Café and the opportunity to network a host of exciting people.

Tony McCaffery from Diversity Scotland is our esteemed host. Tony (he/him/they/them) is Founder of Diversity Scotland – a leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy.

With 29 years’ experience in People & Talent, Tony has achieved success as a leader in Human Resources, Learning & Development, Employability, Recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion.

A regular contributor in the media, Tony has featured in a number of radio and television programmes where diversity and equity have been the topics. He regularly undertakes speaking engagements for global businesses and NGOs, on a range of related topics. He is a member and Advisory Friend of the UK’s Institute of Equality & Diversity Practitioners and Diversity Scotland’s consultancy work is a certified by the Global Supplier Diversity Alliance (GSDA).

As a proud queer, multi-ethnic person of colour, with multiple disabilities, he integrates these intersectional identity dimensions along with his own lived experience of childhood homelessness, the foster care system and social mobility into his work. His ethnic heritage is a delightful mix of Indian, Somalian, Celtic and Indigenous Circumpolar people.

Meet our Panel Members

Jordan Daly - Co-Founder & Director at Time for Inclusive Education

Jordan Daly is a Co-Founder and Director of Time for Inclusive Education, Scotland's LGBT Inclusive Education charity. They work with schools, teachers, and parents across Scotland to take a proactive and educational approach to tackling the prejudice and bullying that LGBT young people can often experience.

In 2021, Scotland became the first country to begin implementing LGBT Inclusive Education in all schools as a result of the charity's work.

Emma Smith - Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager at Burness Paull

Emma is the Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager at Burness Paull, she is an experienced HR professional with specific responsibility for delivering the firm’s strategic agenda in relation to diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Emma collaborates closely with a range of stakeholders including senior leaders, employee-led networks and external partners to ensure the firm is attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse talent. Emma is also responsible for driving a proactive and preventative approach to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees and ensuring mechanisms which promote an inclusive and open culture.

Deborah Gillespie - HR Manager for Change Recruitment, part of the Taranata Group

Deborah worked in HR for over 15 years and at Change for the past 10 years. We are currently on our own DEI journey to make the Taranata Group a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone belongs, bring their best selves to work and be that person all of the time.

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