Join us for a few glasses of Prosecco as Rosanna Costello from Hilda talks us through some houseplants journeys.

During the evening you'll be taken through everything from what to look out for when you're choosing a houseplant to care tips and a re-potting demo, finishing up with a Q&A and a chance to choose your own propagation to take home in one of Rosanna's Hilda propagation discs.⁠ We’ll be taking a closer look at some classics: monsteras, golden pothos, pilea peperomioides, along with a few variegated plants and some slightly fussier calatheas and marantas.

Having healthy, happy houseplants in our interior spaces can not only help to clean and purify the air but create a calming environment that connects us to nature and grounds us. Aiding in focus through to positivity, houseplants give many positive benefits for our mental wellbeing.

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