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Importance of wellbeing in the workspace – Clockwise

Discover the importance of wellness in your workspace. In this article we explore key areas of workplace wellness and how we can make them work for us.


Work from home? Office? Or coworking space? Pick one full-time? Or go hybrid? As we work to find our flow in this new world of workspaces, it’s important to not overlook wellbeing in the decision-making process. Of course, finding what works for you is personal, but this could be a great place to start.

First things first, what is wellness? To put it simply, wellness is a state of mind determined by our daily routine. Wellness isn’t just important for mental health though; it’s impact on the physical is just as powerful. And, whilst easy enough to grasp, the topic itself can seem overwhelming, so let’s explore three key areas of workplace wellness and how we can make them work for us.

  1. Working hygiene

Just like personal and sleep hygiene, the importance of working hygiene cannot be overstated. And whilst studies have delved into this extensively, a simple checklist is a great place to start when determining where you can improve and where you are succeeding.

  • Set boundaries around working hours
  • Disable work notifications on your personal phone
  • Take regular screen breaks 
  • Book annual leave days to switch off 

These four areas of work hygiene can build a vital foundation for a stronger, happier and healthier wellbeing.

  1. Social engagement 

Social relationships may seem like an overlooked commodity to the working process, but who and how we work with can greatly affect the quality of our work. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, social connection is a key pillar to achievement, prestige, unity and a well-rounded life, so when building your wellness plan, plan for social connection.

  • Working in an office? Watercooler talk may be a little outdated, but taking a few minutes to ask coworkers about their weekends, popular shows, or personal lives can be a game-changer. Not only does it improve your relationships, but it’ll foster a more open working environment too.

Working from home? Though different, Zoom, Slack and Teams can be just as gratifying as human conversation. And it doesn’t have to be forced! Simply ask how the person you’re talking to is, share interesting articles and have a five-minute call to connect. Just because we’re using machines doesn’t mean we have to act like them. 

  1. Environmental choices

Where we work may look different in recent years, and what works for you may have shifted. However, it can’t hurt to learn what factors make a good working environment and how to implement them in your workspace. 

Here are three helpful things to integrate into your space for an optimised mind; greenery, lighting, and decor. 

  • Plants are a great way to create cleaner air, but they can also greatly affect our working practices. In a recent survey by Grow Up, almost 20% of people reported a marketed increase in their productivity in the presence of a more leafy surrounding.
  • Good workplace lighting can improve concentration and mood, but bad workplace lighting can create fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, lower morale and less accurate work. With this in mind, creating a space with a mix of natural light through the day and soft light for the darker hours is key.
  • An office needn’t bare white walls and rows of desks. Actually, we’d recommend it isn’t. Whether you are trying to foster a creative hub or project a professional image, colour is nothing to shy away from. In a study by the University of Texas, researcher Nancy Kwallek found workers made more errors when in white rooms than in rooms with colour (P.s if you’re planning a DIY day after that, most workers interviewed preferred a blue or blue-green backdrop to their workdays).

Now you’re armed with a toolkit for better workplace wellness, take time to assess and plan your road to a happier, more productive you. 

At Clockwise, we’ve designed our offices to incorporate all elements of workplace wellness, so if coworking feels like the right move for you, get in touch.


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