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Networking 101 from Clockwise

A helpful guide to help you make the most of the networking opportunities in the shared workspace.


Let’s start with the statistics.

In a survey by Financesonline, it was discovered that 95% of people agree that better business relationships are built through face-to-face meetings and 85% believe that these in-person interactions build stronger, more meaningful business relationships.

The benefits of business networking are well understood. From driving recommendations for your services to tapping into new opportunities or collaborating on unique ideas to diversifying revenue streams, it’s true when they say we are better together.

However, with a growing army of freelancers and an increasingly hybrid workforce, it may feel that the chances to network in person are rather more limited than they once were.

That’s where the shared workspace comes into play.

Whether coworking, hot-desking or even leasing a private office, the shared workspace by its very nature, fosters an environment for fruitful networking. It is human nature to forge connections and share knowledge – in a shared workspace, simply showing up for work each day constitutes networking in this environment.

Our serviced offices are busier than ever – with a diverse range of other businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers forming the nucleus of this dynamic environment, the ability to tap into each other’s expertise, collaborate and grow business relationships organically is one of the most exciting benefits to this way of working.

To help you in your quest to create meaningful connections, here are our team’s top tips for successful networking in the shared workspace.

Initiate Casual Conversations:  Gatecrashing someone’s deep focus time is probably not going to win you any friends but our breakout spaces are the perfect place to strike up a conversation on neutral ground. Break the ice and get the conversation going rather than jumping straight into the elevator pitch or asking for something – there’ll be plenty of time for that later if you get off to a good start. Socialise, don’t just network. The key to any successful business relationship is building trust and respect. Don’t be afraid to engage in conversation- shared workspaces usually attract like-minded people who appreciate open communication.

Clockwise Cheltenham networking

Clockwise Cheltenham

Attend Events: At Clockwise, the increasingly extensive events programme at each location aims to bring our community together. From business networking breakfasts to lunchtime walks, meditation classes or end of month drinks, our memberships offer plenty of opportunities to get to know each other on both a personal and professional level.

Explore The Areas: All of the Clockwise locations have been designed to enhance community and connectivity as and when it’s required. Try hopping desks regularly, frequenting the breakout areas or grabbing lunch at our in-house cafes to meet a multitude of different people from diverse backgrounds with a range of skillsets and expertise.

Share Knowledge: This doesn’t mean you have to shout your business secrets from the rooftop but a little bit of reciprocity can go a long way. That graphic designer that you just helped to market their services may well come in very handy when you have a last-minute pitch deck that needs beautifying.

Whilst it is not mandatory to network in a shared workspace, it is certainly recommended – fostering genuine human connections and helping each other grow on a professional level could only ever be a positive outcome of this way of working. If you’re interested in learning more about how a Clockwise membership in a shared workspace can be of tangible long-term benefit to your business, get in touch today. 

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