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Why Edinburgh Could Be Your Next Office

All roads lead to…Edinburgh?


For many professionals, the London hustle and bustle is less appealing than it once was. Instead, heads are being turned North to some of the still hustling but less bustling cities. As one of the best coworking groups providing spaces across the UK, we’re inviting people to try a different way of working and a different choice of city altogether. 

So, let us present to you Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is becoming a firm favourite amongst professionals for an alternative city life. But what’s so great about Edinburgh? Does it have what it takes to compete in terms of career progression? Does it have a cultural draw? And is it worth eyeing up for your future workplace?

Let’s delve into the answers to all your questions and explore if a case can be made for a new, more Scottish metropolis.

What working in Edinburgh has to offer

Edinburgh has long since been an economic powerhouse; in fact, it has the strongest economy of any UK city outside of London. Though it has historically been the hub for banking, printing and distillery, new industries have also bloomed over the last century, and today, it enables growth in mostly financial, scientific research and education and tourism services. 

Between the Bank of Scotland, TSB, Tesco and Sainsbury’s Bank, the banking industry still firmly calls the city home.Alongside the booming economic factors, Edinburgh was recently crowned by TimeOut as The Best City in the World. This ranking took thousands of responses and measured cities worldwide on factors such as; walkability, inclusivity, beauty, culture, transport and cuisine. 

Not just all work, Edinburgh has a fascinating history and a vibrant social scene. This small city actually plays host to the world’s largest performance arts festival in the form of The Edinburgh Fringe. It also consistently ranks in the top 10 most LGBTQ+-friendly cities in the world.

As one of the most prosperous parts of the country and more affordable than London, Edinburgh could be a great choice for professionals looking to mix it up.`

Clockwise Edinburgh

The future looks bright for Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city in motion. And, after the 2018 £1.3bn Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal, the opportunities for growth, especially in the technology and science section, are astronomical. Alongside the economic investments is a strong focus on reaching net zero by 2023. One thing is for sure, this is not a sleeping city.

New routes and commutes

One of the most exciting new avenues for working and living in Edinburgh comes with the opening of the new Edinburgh to Leith tram line. This expansion of the city’s already well-run public transport system allows for a whole new dimension of working. Leith is an area that boasts a coastal environment with cultural heritage, and all just a 10-minute commute from Edinburgh city centre.

It’s also the location of one of our most beautiful shared offices. Clockwise, Leith boasts a waterside location with outdoor seating, a unique building with a range of office spaces, seating styles and all modern amenities. It even has an onsite micro-brewery. So work and play are fully covered.

Considering making Edinburgh or Leith your new office? At Clockwise, you set the pace and the place. Whether that’s a dedicated office space or hotdesking, day passes or even virtual offices. From companies of one to something bigger.

Make sure to get in touch with us here at Clockwise and book a visit. 

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