Two Hand Coffee in Clockwise shared office Two Hand Coffee in Clockwise shared office Two Hand Coffee in Clockwise shared office
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Transforming Customer Service into Community Support

Brewing connections in his journey from Barista to Community Coordinator, all within Clockwise Liverpool.


Connor has been in his role as Community Coordinator since April 2024; however, he was no stranger to Clockwise Liverpool when he joined the team. Having worked as a barista in Two Hands Café since February 2022, Connor already had great connections with our Liverpool team and members. 

Working in Two Hands Café in Clockwise Liverpool, Connor said,Alongside the catering services, I had the opportunity to get to know our members. Most hospitality environments involve a speedy turnaround of customers – most of whom you never see again. With Two Hands Café, I was able to build a rapport with members which helped ensure a high standard of personalised service.” Connor went on to say, “It is nice to be in a role where I can now engage with our members further, not just by knowing their favourite hot beverages but also include their personal and professional goals in their day-to-day experience at Clockwise Liverpool. 

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When speaking with Connor, he expressed how the Clockwise team is motivated to ensure that members have the best possible experience. Not only that, but he feels the team is supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential. He said, “It’s like a melting pot of personalities and professions working within the space.”

While working in Two Hands Café, Connor observed the Clockwise team growing from strength to strength, witnessing promotions and goals being reached, celebrating every milestone with them. 

Connor was inspired to see the team thrive in their roles and support each other with their goals. He’s now excited to be part of the team, to experience the support first-hand, while also taking some credit for the goals they achieve.  

“I will continue to work on my varying tasks with a smile on my face, knowing I am supported by a motivational team with a wealth of experience.” 

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