This workshop is for SME owners and leaders looking to get the most from their time and their businesses in 2022 and beyond

The workshop covers 3 key areas to enable this to happen

1. What really matters to you & your business.

2. The key levers you should work on to increase the value (& saleability) of your business

3. Peer-based decision-making processes to introduce further confidence & accountability into your business.

It is an interactive session providing key take-aways for you to work in your business following the workshop.

You will learn how to,

• Understand the growth value areas to work on in your business

• Acquire a valuation for your business.

• Improve your decision making process with others

• Lead your business in directions that are right for both you and your business

• Make more money & have more fun!

The workshop will be hosted by Campbell Ure. Campbell’s business, The Alternative Board (TAB), in Glasgow focuses on helping SME business owners & leaders get the most from their businesses as well as securing their personal goals.

They have been established for 4 years, in which time they have helped several businesses develop & grow their businesses successfully. The Global Alternative Board business was founded 38 years ago and currently supports more than 5000 businesses across 21 countries

Campbell’s experience prior to The Alternative Board has proved invaluable to him & his customers. Several years working with world-class companies (e.g. BMW, McKinsey Consulting, Aston Martin) have provided skills in developing teams, creating & delivering strategies to significantly grow businesses, increase profitability, quality and employee engagement.

He looks forward to working with you!

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