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Referral Scheme
Terms & Conditions

Definition of terms:

Referred: the new business/individuals being referred to Clockwise
Referee: the individuals/companies who are referring new business to Clockwise

Subject to the terms and conditions below, Clockwise will pay a referral fee (the “Fee”) for any eligible referral that leads to the completion of a Licence Agreement for a private office.

  1. Eligible Referee

Only Clockwise members, past (from within the last 18 months) or present, are eligible to receive a fee for submitting referrals through this referral scheme

  1. Referral Process

A Referee must follow the referral process detailed on the Clockwise website to generate a referral code. This code may then be sent to the individual or entity, the Referred, who the Referee believes in good faith has a requirement for office space and an interest in signing a licence agreement with Clockwise. The Referred must then contact Clockwise with a view to signing a licence agreement, quoting the relevant referral code.

  1. Qualifying Referrals

A “Qualifying Referral” is any referral which leads to a potential licence on a private office, having been referred to Clockwise by a Referrer and provided with a referral code, entering into a licence. Additionally, to be considered a qualifying referral, the potential member or the primary members of such entity must:

  • Provide Clockwise with the referral code prior to entering into the licence agreement;
  • Sign a licence agreement for a private office with Clockwise no later than ninety (90) days from the date on which the referral code is generated;
  • Not have previously received a referral, or engaged with a broker or agent, for the same licence agreement
  • Must not be:
      1. An existing member of Clockwise
      2. A historic member of Clockwise from the last 12 months
      3. An entity of which the Referee is an employee, partner, or owner of a controlling interest;
      4. A subsidiary, affiliate, group company or entity related to the Referee or Referee’s employer; or
      5. An entity with the same parent entity as the Referee, the Referee’s employer, or any affiliate or entity related to the Referee or Referee’s employer.
  1. Fees & Payment Terms

Monetary rewards amount to 20% of the Referred’s first month’s office rental fee. Subject to these terms and conditions, Clockwise will pay a the Referree within 30 days of the Refered’s first month’s payment being received. Fees will be paid directly to the Referee by BACS. Fees are paid for the Licence Fee only, not any other amount or fees paid.

  1. Disqualifications

A Referrer may be disqualified from the Referral Scheme for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Submitting false leads
  • Providing incorrect information
  • Participating in or having any involvement in criminal or fraudulent activity
  • Failing to comply with or breaching the terms of the Referral Scheme

A disqualified Referrer is not eligible to participate in the Referral Scheme

  1. Indemnity

You will indemnify and hold harmless Clockwise from and against any claim, cause of action, demand, suit, proceeding, damages, liabilities, loss, or costs made or brought against Clockwise arising out of:

  • your participation in the Referral Scheme;
  • any breaches of the terms and conditions of this Referral Scheme; or
  • the negligence or wilful misconduct of you or your employees, representatives or agents.
  1. Modification, Suspension or Termination

Clockwise reserves the right to amend or update the Referral Scheme at any time without prior notice. Upon written notice, Clockwise may suspend or terminate the Referral Scheme.

Clockwise will pay applicable Fees for Licence Agreements which were completed prior to the termination or suspension of the Referral Scheme.

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