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Coworking Etiquette for a Productive Shared Workspace

How to behave in a coworking space


Shared workspaces bring a whole host of benefits, from more flexible schedules and increased networking opportunities, to increased productivity and wellbeing. To make them a pleasant experience for you and your fellow co-workers, it’s important to understand the etiquette of being in a shared workspace. Discover the do’s and don’ts of a productive shared workspace, with tips for navigating the world of coworking effectively.

Be mindful of noise levels

Working in a shared space can provide an inspiring and exciting environment that facilitates collaboration, sharing of ideas and great networking opportunities. However, it is important to be mindful of the volume of conversations and phone calls to avoid distracting others. Using headphones is a great way to keep noise to a minimum if you need to listen to audio files or watch videos, or if you like to listen to music whilst working. Keep your phone on silent or vibrate, and turn off any alarms or keystroke sounds. If you need to take calls or chat with others, moving away from the main work areas is best practice. All Clockwise locations provide breakout spaces and soundproof phone booths so that members can work undisturbed but still make those important calls.

Keep the space clean and tidy

You may be a maximalist in your own space, but it’s important to adopt a more minimalist mindset in shared workspaces by keeping your work area clean and tidy. Make sure you take any personal belongings with you when you have finished using your space so that they are ready for others, and be considerate of people around you when using shared kitchens, meeting rooms, and breakout areas. If you have a Dedicated Desk or Private Office in a coworking space, you will have the option to personalise your area with things like artwork or plants if you wish. Don’t forget to return the space to its original condition at the end of your time there. For more information about the different membership options available at Clockwork, take a look at the membership page.


Respect the privacy of others

It can be tempting to listen in on other conversations or look at what is on people’s screens, but doing so can make others uncomfortable. It is also important to avoid interrupting people who are deeply focussed on their work, as this may disrupt that all-important flow and derail someone’s productivity. 

Prioritise health and wellbeing

In the post-pandemic working world, coming to work while sick is a no-no. If you feel unwell, staying home and avoiding exposing others to sickness is best. It’s also best practice to avoid bringing strong scents into shared spaces, as your fellow co-workers may be sensitive to them. So skip the overpowering perfumes or aftershaves and consider something lighter instead.

Engage with the community

Coworking spaces are ideal for expanding your professional network, finding exciting new opportunities to collaborate on projects or new ventures, and sharing ideas. Finding ways to be active in your coworking community is good practice and can bring an exciting new dimension to your work and social life. Clockwise provides members access to an online networking portal to help facilitate a sense of community and encourage collaboration. Each location also offers a programme of member events designed to inspire professional and personal growth and connect people using the space. For more information about member events, support teams at each location can be contacted through their location page.

Looking for more insight into life in coworking spaces? Check out our Community pages for information and advice on effective networking, choosing the right space, and all things Clockwise.

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