How to build community and networks in coworking spaces How to build community and networks in coworking spaces How to build community and networks in coworking spaces
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How to build community and networks in coworking spaces

How coworking spaces can help


Coworking spaces can be ideal for expanding your network and making great new connections. Bringing the right attitude, a willingness to share expertise and becoming an active participant in your coworking community can reap huge personal and professional rewards. So how should you go about expanding your horizons within these spaces? We’ve put together a handy guide to the benefits of extending your network in coworking spaces and the best ways to go about it to get the most out of your experience and help your business flourish.

Diverse networking

Coworking spaces attract all kinds of different entrepreneurs and businesses, meaning that you could find yourself sharing a space with interesting people you may not otherwise have come across during your work. This can open up new avenues of collaboration sales leads and even help you learn valuable new skills.

A supportive environment with shared resources

A beautifully designed coworking space with great amenities can help to facilitate creativity and foster new connections. Chatting to a co-worker in a breakout space or while grabbing a coffee could lead to a fresh idea for a project or open the door to a new venture. Clockwise design spaces to be bright, inspiring, and flow perfectly. Whether you opt for a spot in the Club Lounge or need a private office, you will have access to breakout spaces and kitchens with other members, as well as our great membership portal created with networking in mind. Take a look at the great range of packages and benefits we offer on our Membership page.

The power of in person

We are lucky to live in an age where we can interact with people from all across the globe thanks to video conferencing, email and phones. This brings a whole host of benefits but of course, there are times where nothing can match face-to-face interactions. Coworking spaces can bring the best of both worlds, allowing you to create the perfect blend of virtual and in person communication. For solo entrepreneurs, having a physical space to work with likeminded people can be especially valuable to avoid burnout and isolation. Can’t make it to a physical space but want to explore other ways to connect to Clockwork communities? Why not explore Clockwork Campus, the first flexible workspace launched in the Metaverse.

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So what are the most important things to remember when looking to expand your network through your coworking space?

Be authentic and proactive

The most meaningful connections are built on authenticity, so be genuine and approachable. Coworking spaces can have the edge over more traditional opportunities like conferences, as meeting new people can feel less pressured, and conversations are not limited to specific break times or seminar rooms. Why not make the most of the complimentary refreshments at Clockwise and try striking up a conversation next time you take a coffee break? Clockwise runs a range of events for members, so look out for ways to get involved at each location or get in touch to find out more.

Follow up

Initial connections are only the start of building your network – follow-up is an absolute must, even in coworking spaces. Make sure you follow up promptly with a personalised email or LinkedIn message, showing appreciation for their time and ideally referencing something specific from your initial chat.

Give to get

Expanding your network can bring all kinds of benefits to you and your work, but don’t forget to offer your new connections some added value too. Perhaps you have another person in your network you could make an introduction to or a skill you could share? Offering assistance or expertise helps to foster a greater sense of collaboration and reciprocity in your coworking space and will reap rewards.

For more ideas on improving productivity and wellbeing at work or to learn more about what Clockwise has to offer, visit our Community pages to read more.

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